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Re: Do I have problems?

Welcome Josh,
I too am a jeepaholic, it has effected my job, my family and my friends. I have been known to stop drinking to save for parts for my Jeep. My friends have stopped asking what I did last weekend for fear I will go into detail the latest repair/replace/upgrade story. My family knows how to get me out of the room by saying things like "I thought I saw something fall off your Jeep" or "I think a new Jeep catalog came in, it is out in the garage". I know the UPS guy by name, and have referred him to my Chiropractor after large shipments. I have been known to get out of work for a "Sick Jeep" that needs TLC (I have always been able to take time when I want, advantages of 50-80hr weeks).
When I am anxious, depressed, or crazed, my wife tells me, calm down; imagine yourself in your "Jeep Place".

Yes, it is an addiction. Since you are in school, use it to motivate yourself to a satisfying, profitable career to feed your addiction. Remember money is not everything, if you have a job you love and it: Has a Hydraulic Lift; Sells or manufactures Jeep Parts; Allows you to live near a great set of Trails; Has fabrication tools, supplies, etc; you will be able to live a happy and productive life with this disease.
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