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Do I have problems?

Hi, my name is Josh and I have a problem. For more than 3 years now I have been addicted to Jeeps, yes Jeeps. I honestly think there is something wrong with me. For the past three years at least 50% of the money I have made has went towards my Jeep. Considering that is only a summer job, it is not much. I have even only asked for Jeep parts for Christmas (Yes, I still get good gifts from my parents). This year I think I will as to get the Wagoner axels cut down. Who asks for that for Christmas? Being away from my Jeep this year at college has made it that much worse. To feed my habit I look at this message board at least 5 times a day. I also pass the little free time I have researching what would be the next best mod for my Jeep. I am getting extremely anxious knowing that there is only two and a half more weeks of school then I will be reunited with my baby. I can't wait to take her in into my arms and do all the mods that my wallet can afford. What is wrong with me? Do I have a mental disorder or is it just jeep fever?
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