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Re: fuel filter????

RC, you'd best start learinging about fuel injection, its' circuits, sensors and how it works on your TJ.

Jim was right, it's not a restriction in the ruel supply line. Were that to be true the fuel restriction would cause problems ALL the time, and this ain't the case so you've got to look elsewhere.

You say that the problem is only when the engine's at idle, under load (in gear). That means that:

a. At idle it's OK.

b. Above idle, in and out of gear it's OK.

c. Only at idle, in gear does the engine lope.

Were this true there are three areas I'd look at, and in this order:

a. Idle control motor faulty. It may not be reacting fast enough under an excellerated load. It may, however, be acting just fine on decelleration.

b. The MAP/MAF (I'm not sure which it has) sensor detects the load on the engine. If this is flakey it can give this symptom. Normally it's going to be bad in other areas as well.

C. TPS sensor. Thiis sensor may be flakey as well. It's very subject to water damage and moisture. If you've ever sprayed down your engine to clean it, you've likely damaged the TPS. Again this would be normally be bad under load or not, but the sensor may be skipping past the bad spot "faster" when not under load.

Check out these items.. and come back with more information for us...but leave that fuel delivery system alone!
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