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Is TR upgrade really going to do anything for me?

First of all, I will apologize for being late to class, I have been off line for a while. I have been searching and reading posts about it, but I can't find any that discribe what it fixes. My 83' 258 is all original. It seems to have OK power, but it will only go up to 3000 rpm. The worst thing that has happened to me with it was when the distributor cap got moisture inside it after I drove through a big puddle too fast. I think water got in where the vac advance linkage goes in, it looks way to exposed there. That almost canceled a great day of wheeling. (it took me a couple hours to figure out exactly what happened)

Anyhow, I want to tinker with the distrubitor because of that incident, so I was thinking of doing the TR upgrade. I just wondered if I will notice any difference.

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