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Re: TR upgrade question

Pre-made spark plug wires, like for a '95 Jeep with a 4.0 liter engine is what you are going to need...

E.E.C. is Ford's way of saying the distributor no longer has vacuum advance, the computer is taking the timing chores over.
E.E.C. is Electronic Engine Control.
You don't need a diagram for an '85, you aren't changing any wiring.

You need the following...
From '82 Ford F-150 pickup with 300 CID I-6
Distributor Cap Adaptor
Distributor Cap &amp; Rotor with BRASS TERMINALS

One set of premium spark plug wires from a '95 Jeep with 4.0 Liter engine.

If you decide to change the coil to the E-core...
The ignition coil from a '92 Ford Escort with I-4 Engine
A Coil connector from NAPA, P/N ICC-1
Crimp on spade terminals, and push them into the old coil connector.
(this way, if the new coil fails, you can use either type coil to get home)

Watch for Red wire to Red wire, Green wire to Green wire.

This is simply a tune up, no new wiring is involved.
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