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Re: Ripped Sidewall repair

I patched a bias Swamper and 3-4 BFG MT's on the sidewall, all but one held, but the one that didn't was because the person putting it on missed the hole on the inside.

I used some NAPA Super Strength glue (not their regular glue), some 2 ply patches, and an angle grinder. Get the inside and outside ground down very well, and apply the glue, let it get tacky. Then I put the inside patch on and rubbed it in hard using a ridged wheel (one for putting patches on), making sure to remove any air pockets. Then I did the same for the outside. I patched my Swamper on the bead as well, and after a year of wheeling hard at 4-6 psi, it's still holding air. It looks a little beat up in the pic (and you can see the tear under the patch), but it works fine and I'm going to rip the outside patch off and redo it. I do not run a tube as I couldn't find one that size up here.

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