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Re: 97 TJ is idling high, what\'s wrong?

I haven't noticed a decrease in MPG, but I have noticed that it acts sluggish when it is cold. This sluggishness acts like a rich running carb would, it bogs down when I initially hit the throttle. I have also noticed that my throttle seems to "catch" fairly often. It feels like a mechanical catch, like the cable could be starting to fray somewhere. Is there something in the IAC that would hang up and cause this "catch" ?
The idling problem just started Sunday, but the "catch" has been going on for about six months. I figured I would have to idle home sooner or later when the cable broke, but maybe that's not the case at all. Maybe this IAC has been giving me problems for six months, and I didn't diagnose it properly. I should have asked the bbs sooner!
I will repost after I clean this thing up. Probably this weekend.
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