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Re: Anyone swapped in a 5.0 w/AODE tranny?

Actually Jimmy at this point there's not much "considering" to be done. I've already got the 5.0, the computer, all the wiring for the engine, wiring between engine and computer, sensors, brackets, etc. The only wiring and sensors I don't have are the oxygen sensors in the exhaust and the electrical between the tranny and the rest of the system. I do intend to keep the d-300 at this point. I had wondered about shifting the motor forward but was hoping to keep that portion pretty much "bolt in" with the use of off the shelf available motor mounts ala M.O.R.E. With that said though, if I have to shift it I will, I just prefer not to. As far as the tranny goes, I'd like to stick with an OD model if possible. I'm not real big on trailer queens so this will see plenty of street use. Actually, it's my DD (by choice. I can't keep my butt out of it). The OD will let me run a bit bigger tire, with a bit lower gear, be able to pull my M416, and still give me decent mileage at highway speeds. Right now I'm running 33's and crank pretty close to 3k at 65. Just a tad on the high side when it comes to getting decent fuel mileage. I've spoken with a few different hi-perf. tranny shops and told them what I have and what I want to accomplish. They don't envision any problems with wiring or computer issues. Time will tell. Btw, do you have a write up on the swap you did?
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