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Re: Anyone swapped in a 5.0 w/AODE tranny?

So you are concidering the 5.0 swap?...Even thought the AOD is 4" longer than the current trans, if you are replacing the inline 6(258), you can move the engine forward to compensate. The 5.0 liter is a good deal shorter than the 4.2 and with a cj7 engine compartment being(about) the same size as one on a wrangler I can tell you for sure that there is plenty of room. I gained 9" inches of rear driveshaft going from a 258/peugot/np231 to a 5.0/t-18/np205 by mounting my motor farther forward.

Are you planning to buy the adapters to mate an AOD to your stock transfercase(I'm assuming a 300)? Or are you upgrading to a different transfercase?

As for the difference between an AOD and a 4R70W...The older transmissions suffered from eradic shifts and hunting between gears. The newer trannys were computer controlled and not as easily swapable. If this is a mostly trail driven machine, that will spend most of its time in 1st gear, an ordinary AOD is the way to go with a few upgrades(that any reputable trans shop will know).
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