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What\'s that sound!?!? (It\'s my stupid tranny)

Hey, I have a 93 YJ 2.5 with (I assume) an ax-5. It has been grinding in 2/3rd gears unless you double-clutch and sometimes even then. Well, I've been ignoring it, but a few days ago it doesn't want to go into 1st and Reverse. And then this morning driving to work it grinds like CRAZY going into 3rd no matter what I do. So needless to say, it is rapidly deteriorating. I have never rebuilt a tranny but I am willing to try. I have about $800 AT MOST to spend (wife and baby!), but I don't want to throw my money away on a rebuild if it will just fall apart later. Can I get a different tranny and swap for under $800? Oh yeah, it's also our only car, so time is kind of a factor, too. I can't look around for a deal forever. Thanks in advance for any help.
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