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more sticking lifter questions

Ok, I had a hole in the oil pan and I let the engine run a little with low to no oil. I fixed the pan and got everything back up and running. I checked the oil filter and such and found no metal except for one little piece, so I threw the pan back on. Now it seems to have a tapping noise which sounds like a lifter. I haven't really ran it a whole lot because I needed new engine mounts. Now that I got the mounts in I want to run it more. I've read a few post about the oil additives that stop the tapping noises. I haven't seen any smoke out of the tail pipe except for a slight blue haze, which means gas right? Is there anything else I can watch/listen for if something goes wrong? I'm gonna try the additive this weekend and see what happens, but I thought a couple days of running might get the lifter filled back up with oil. Any thoughts?

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