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Re: EBAY, bulk sale of surplus 8.8 axles

Have you ever even seen a C Clip from an 8.8?
There is no way in hell that a C clip is gonna break, and I have never ever heard of one breaking. If on the other hand the axle shaft lets go, the you will still be able to limp off the trail with the calipers holding the shaft in.
Everyone has heard of the horror stories of Chevy 10 bolt C clips letting go, so they assume that the 8.8 is the same design and has the same frailities, it isnt the case.
The C clip is not an issue. Period.....
And the strength of an 8.8 over a D44 makes it well worth the consideration as a very desireable rear axle swap. Do the homework, look at the math, and the strengths of the 8.8 shine through. Now if you wanna listen to the off road rags, then you will not like what you hear, as they have no major manufacturers selling high dollar swag for them, so they talk them down, and down play thier strengths, but they love to scream "C CLIP" like its a weakness.
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