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Re: Jeep died coming home. Any ideas?

Leve. I went down this morning to take a look at it and had it running in 10mins. Another hour later and I had all the fried wire exposed. The reason it died was a fusable link for the ignition burnt out before anything caught fire.
I pulled apart the wire bundle along the firewall and traced the burnt wires back to there origins.

Next to the battery, there are 2 blue relays and 2 diagnostic plugs. From one relay and one plug there are two blue wires with white stripes.(one wire each) A previous owner made a splice and connected these 2 wires (wrapped in duct tape). The 2 wires then go into the bundle. One went to the choke to warm up the spring to turn the choke off and the other went to a two prong plug harness that plugged in just below the oil pressure sending unit. I completely removed the 2 burnt wires and twisted the ends of the burnt fusable link together and drove it home where I can fix it up properly. It seemed to run better than it has in awhile.
Any idea what the plug below the oil sending unit is for? The oil pressure gauge still works fine. As far as I can tell, everything works fine.
I'll do the nutter later remove the rest of the redundant wires.
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