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Re: Auxilliary gas tank

Jeff, my first Jeep, a '64 if I remember right, came from Toledo with the tank under the driver seat. I'm not crazy about having the stuff in the passenger compartment, though. That's why I like the space between the frame and driveshaft. It's protected from side impact by six inches of body, and then the frame. I can armor the bottom and sides as necessary.

As far as making a bigger tank to go in the stock location, I can't see a way of doing that without making it hang down lower. Am I missing something there?

A friend has a '7 with an aftermarket big tank. The ad for it said "Doesn't decrease ground clearance." When he got it he discovered that it still is higher than the bottom of the diff, so minimum ground clearance is unchanged, but it does hang down several inches lower than the stock tank. Fred, is that the case with yours? Where did you get it?

Stainless project is coming along. I've got the old and new bodies in the garage, and the chassis in the shop. Today I'm going to start stripping the chassis. Unless I design an aux gas tank first.

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