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Re: Jeep died coming home. Any ideas?

Graeme, glad you finally found your way back to the forum.

Does your vavle cover leak? If it puked oil on that wire anythng could have happened.

I'd also look at the wire terminations you made to make sure no 12 volt source wire may be touching a ground.

Look at the wire that burned. It has to go back up into the main harness bundle. You'll likely have to take that bundle wrapping apart. The insulation may have destroyed itself inside the bundle and shorted agains other wires.

Get a good voltmeter and start tracing back voltages. As example, crank the enging and see if you have spark. If not you know that the wiring to the ignition has been compromised. Then once you're done with the survey of what you don't have you can zero in on the area of the bundle, or the fuseblock mating halves that may be common to ALL the voltage problems.

Knowing what the problem is NOT is almost as valuable as knowing what the problem is.

I doubt it was the computer that puked the voltage, but I'd suspect that something under the dash has majorily warmed to the point of destruction... and my bet is that it's in the fues block halves. Pull them apart and see if you've got some burned contacts in the block and we'll go from there.
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