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Jeep died coming home. Any ideas?

I haven't been able to axcess the board through for a couple of months. What happened there?

Any how. I was just driving home and the Jeep died. 4.2 with carter still. All of the emissions stuff is long gone so the computer does nothing but I haven't taken it out of the loop yet by doing the Nutter.
It just died suddenly when I was slowing down for a light. There was a "burning electrical" smell and I found the wire going to the auto choke was all burned up from the carb to the firewall and likely beyond the firewall. I have lights and hazard lights, brake lights, stereo... but no warning buzzers, ingition, guages... I'm thinking that the computer may have just been fried so I will attemp the Nutter tommorrow and hope for the best. About 2 weeks ago, I cut off all the redundant wires under the hood that used to go to emissions stuff, just to clean up the engine a bit. I wonder if that had anything to do with it.

The good news is that while I was pushing it off the road, I discovered that the awful metalic noise when I put it in 4wheel is just a front wheel U-joint. Hard to push it when the wheel won't turn.

I'll try the Nutter tommorrow, but any Ideas would be great.
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