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Alright, I know I'm not the only one, but it's getting somewhat tiresom answering the same old questions over and over. Usually, the first response is, "Search the Board!" I'm guilty of doing this a time or two. I'm not trying to be a d!ck to people that ask these questions either, cause I'm also guilty of asking questions that have been answered a million times.

So here's the deal, SWB.COM has a FAQ section that is currently empty. Basically, it's a section for all the questions that seem to be asked ALL THE TIME. I just entered something in about high steering setups. Basically, you just login to it and submit an answer, just like this board. People can also add additional info about a specific FAQ.

I really would like to see this used. If you see a question that you know has been asked mulitiple times, post the answer on the FAQ page and then just refer newbies to that page everytime a question comes up. I'll be doing my best to add answers over there as questions arise.

Also, let's try and only post stuff we know for a fact is true. No guesses. And feel free to correct someone if you know otherwise the info is wrong.

Thanks a bunch everyone!!!

BTW - DirtDog, one thing, if you could check on, is making it possible to edit or delete old posts Possibly to keep it cleaned up from junk posts and what not. I know I made a mistake once tonight on it and can't delete it.
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