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What induces \"shackle inversion\"?

I went wheelin' yesterday to test out the new suspension/steering(89 YJ 2.5" OME springs, SOA, w/MORE crossover steering).. well, this has never happened to me before, but my shackles inverted THREE times up in front.. I'm running stock shackles..before, I was running a normal SOA setup, w/1" lift shackles.. I'm curious why this is happening.. I wasn't hitting my shackles on rocks or anything.. one observer said that the shackle flipped when I was under flex and when I would turn the steering wheel..It would happen to either side.. sometimes both.. are my shackles or springs too long/short? i'm sure I can remedy the problem w/anti-kickback shackles, or just welding a plate far enough behind the shackle, to keep it from flipping back.. I was curious why this was happening.
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