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Re: making a kill switch what wire?

Attach to the negative side of your ignition coil, and run that wire through a switch.
When the coil is grounded, the engine will not start, it will crank (giving you notice someone is trying to steal your vehicle), but it won't start.
If they try for very long, it will run the battery down, and all chances of driving your Jeep away are gone...

I've never wired a starter solenoid through a cigarette lighter...
I'm not sure I'd trust a lighter socket with conducting well enough to use it.
Hiding a switch in there, Maybe...?

I've always used small switches, and placed them in strange places, like in screw holes, with the screw head glued to the switch, or a row of panel switches that have to be in a certain order to start the vehicle...

Lately, I heard of a rotary milti-position switch marked 'Speaker Selection'. It has several positions, but only one of them starts the vehicle.

I know a guy that wired his horn relay so you had to have the horn pressed in to start the vehicle (the LAST thing a thief is going to do is to blow the horn! Great idea!).
He also had the horn rigged so when the engine was cranked with out disarming his relay, the horn blew!
Pretty tricky if you ask me....

I know another guy that wired a relay to his park lights, the park lights have to be on to start the vehicle.
Same could be done with brake lights very easily, but lots of people hold the brakes when they start the vehicle...

I know one guy that wired his power antenna to a starter relay.
The power antenna had to be extended to start the vehicle, that meant turning the radio on before you turned the key to start...
If you turn the key to fast (and the radio antenna doesn't have time to extend) or you don't turn the radio on, you can't start the vehicle... The same with hot wiring the vehicle, and bypassing the accessory circuit the radio is on...

There are tons of ways to do this, if you come up with something tricky, let us know!!!!
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