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Re: making a kill switch what wire?

If you don't use the lighter(if you have one), set the wire from the ignition(off of the column) to the lighter positive side and out the negative side(make sure the lighter socket is not grounded) then to the ignition solenoid or starter "S" terminal. This way only you(and a few of us) Know that the lighter has to be pushed in to start the jeep.

Do you have the relay/solenoid mounted on the starter(like a chevy--all one peice) or is there a seperate relay on the firewall/fender(like a ford)?

If the relay and solenoid are on the starter, there willl be a thin wire on a terminal marked "S"(which is the one to put the kill switch in) or if the solenoid is on the fender(which it should be if you have a stock motor) there will still be a terminal maked "S"(for start). Just trace that wire back and you are all set.
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