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Some sort of FI, how to go about it...

I have been very bussy looking at all the information about the Howell and Mopar FI kits. Both seem to be priced VERY high. As of now i am not in a big hurry, but i am looking for a 4.0 head to do the conversion. When that time comes i want to be prepared to takle the intake.

On the other hand i am tempted to buy a 4.0 Wrangler that has been trashed and take the Fi and head off of it then sell any good parts off of the other Wrangler. This is my first case.

Second case. Get a 4.0 Wrangler. Do a 4.0 swap and lose my 4.2's awsome torque. OR Take the head and FI off and put it on my YJ and stick the old 4.2 head on the 4.0 block with an MC2100 on it. IS that possible? Then re-sell the 4.0/4.2 head wranger for a small chuck of change.

What do you guys think? OR should i just purchase all the above supplies new?
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