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O/T.. My cats.. if anyone cares..


Last night at about 2 in the morning I was surfing on here with my cat (grey one) and clicked on a post that I had previously replyed too..

My cat went berzerk and scratched me up pretty bad before bolting towards the door..

I figured he was mad that there was a picture of my brother cat under my name, and not a picture of me.

In an attempt to reconsile I have put a picture of my cat.
I hope it works..
(and the tounge thing is just something he does, we've had a few cats. the first one had a drooling problem, the second one had a problem with retracting his claws, especially on carpet and sounded like a big peice of walking velcro the whole time. the tabby we have now enjoys running upside down on the fabric underneath the bed (extremely funny to see a cat running upside down) and Tigger here
<---- sticks his tounge out sometimes.)
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