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Re: TR upgrade photos? will it fix this?


I did the upgrade myself last summer and did another one today on my mate's Jeep. You will have fab up a mounting bracket for it yourself, but this is very easy. I used aluminum I profile (2 pieces, one on either side) just a question of cutting two pieces the lenght of the coil, drill four holes in the top part, mount the coil to the I profiles, drill another four holes in the bottom part of the I profile and screw the sucker to your inner fender. Nothing to it. Heck, you could even use four long screws through the coil, some spacer sleeves underneath and through the inner fender. Secure with some nuts and you are done.

I can take some pictures tomorrow if you wish (it is midnight at the moment over here in the U.K.)

As for water ingress... The TFI cap is no better than any other cap. You can use some sealant to keep the water out though.
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