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Re: 33\'s or 35\'s?

You wont clear the 35s with any of those lift by them selves. If you add a 1" body to the 6" you should clear them. A 4 inch lift is not enough for 33s. Go with the coil 5" of the sky jacker 6" and 33's. With 35s you are going to need a butt load of upgrades including suspesion lift, body lift, re gear. Also how long do you think those axles of yours will last riding on 33s? What about 35s? Not long. Might be okay with 33s if you take it very very easy.

You could do some major fender trimming and run the 33s with the coils. That would be cool, wouldn't have to high of a center of grav.

Not to shoot you down, but what ever way you go, 33s or 35s, if you use the jeep how jeeps were ment to be used you are going to need new axles and gears. Do the math, Tires $650, Wheels $800, lift ~$1000, Axles $400, Gears + install $600 = at the least $3500

Just trying to let you know what you are getting into before you dump your savings into the lift, then relieze you just opened a can of worms. But hey If you get your jeep set up like that you would have one killer ride.

Good luck, let us know what you decide on. Especially if you decide on those procomp coils, I am wondering about those.


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