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got the q jet on finally

I was so proud of myself, I got that easy out and bolt out with the welding the nut on trick. It did take about 20 nuts before I got one that had good enough penetration but it finally came out. I put the carb on and after a little adjusting it would idle pretty good. Seemed to have about the same power of the line and sometimes a slight bit more. No huge gains but I didnt expect any. The throttle is a lot smoother than the 2 barrel was. That means I wont have to shift into low range just to keep it from dying on the rough dirt roads on the way to our wheeling spots. I think the whole angle thing should be better too. I still need to lean it out a little so that it will start in the morning and when its not warm but overall Im happy. Im going to drive it around for a week or so and see how I like it and then decide whether or not to keep it on there. Can I take the electric choke off or wont that work? Also, I cant seem to find the mixture screws on the thing. Is all the adjusting done by bending those rods? Hey thanks for all the help guys. You have been a life saver more than once and I am proud to be a regular to this board.
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