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Re: Pro-Comp springs - how do they rate

Depends on what you are doing with them, and what equipment you have on the Jeep. Mine flex great after wheeling the snot out of them for a year, putting them thru lots of flex. 3 years later they don't sag. But the hiway ride is pretty harsh, even with a winch and fs spare. For the price, I am pleased with them overall. Everyone else I know with other brands, especially so called "soft ride" ones, have experienced major amounts of sag. Would I buy them again, yes, if that's all I could afford, but if I had the money it would be custom Nationals or Alcans. BTW, I had a Rancho lift before this one, and the Rancho rode worse than the Pro-Comp. Most people that complain about Pro-Comp lifts have never owned one, they are just parroting what they have heard.
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