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Re: Questions on Rockwell 2 1/2 ton\'rs

Yes, the steering should need to be modified, the bolt pattern is I believe a 5 lug monster but you can have custom rims made for a 15" tire minimum for around $125 +/-.
The axle can use either set up, leaf or coil but I would think the leaf would be cheaper since you shouldn't need the 4 link anymore. The transfer case they like to use is the np/nv? 200 but I can't see why the 241 HD can't be used... I/we would hope for a bolt in but from the article I read in the 4x4 mag, they are not that easy, theres a little work involved but I will leave it too the experienced to tell you the definates just in case what I read and have interpeted isn't right...Bobby
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