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Questions on Rockwell 2 1/2 ton\'rs

Ok after about 120,000+ miles on the good ol dodge, with all the upgrades i have done, i never did anything to the axles...except gears. Well basicaly i am wondering what is involved, i.e. does the steering need to be changed? i am currently running a AGR Rock Ram System, (hydraulic assist). Can I still run a standard 8 lug wheel? or do you have to go to Military setup? now on to suspension. Can you keep the current 4 link system from dodge, or do you have to go to leafs? I have only seen leafs in 2 1/2 ton setups.? Are these a basic bolt in where all attachments(shock mounts and stuff) are already on the axle housings? what else needs to be done to the drive line? i have stock tranny and transfer case... i would assume you need to change transfer case. but what about the tranny? well i think that is it for my list of questions for now... this post is probally directed at Daniel since he is the owner of USA6x6 and probally has the info already due to his project. Any info is helpful. thanks in advance and Mopar to All!! Kale---aka:Big_Dodge_Diesel
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