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I got asked for Mud Run advise - How\'d I do?

A friend of mine is getting $3,000 and wants to turn his stock TJ into a DD/mud runner. Here is what I told him, I'm looking for comments as I don't know a whole lot about TJ's. Thanks a lot!


Ok, and I'm assuming a 4.0L and a 5spd TJ.

1st, dont worry about gearing (I'll tell you why later, just trust me for now)

2nd, you have no current lift, right? I don't know a lot about TJ's, but does a 2" spacer lift and a 2" body lift sound like the cheapest way with minimal of related problems? (Say, $200?)

3rd, plan on spending $500 on a Tom Woods HD SYE kit.

4th, with no cutting, you should be able to run the 35.5" Q78's with the 4" lift (right?) (thats a $1,000)

5th, spend the money on the Super 35 kit, that gets you a locker and stronger shafts ($800)

6th, put the last $500 in the bank for future problems (ie: longer brake lines, etc...)

7th, for easy power mods, get a K&N and a bored out Throtle body. Your 200hp stock 4.0L has plenty of power to spin the tires.

Mud runs are 10% motor, 30% skill and 60% tires
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