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Re: BDS install quesiton

for a 2" lift, i wouldn't worry about the drop bracket on the emergency brake cable. if it looks like you need more cable, just unbolt the exist bracket and let it drop, or add an extention to the bracket.

you want to keep the transcase and pinion parallel with each other for the stock driveshaft to work properly. what did they give you, some 2-1/2* aluminium shims? i f you raise the transcase 2" and your driveshaft length is around 18", then you have an angle change of 6*. if you drop the transcase 1" and install the 2-1/2* shims you will be back to within a degree of the stock angle. bottom line, something has to give. if you don't address the angle change, the u-joints will take a dump.

don't drill out the shims. get a large c-clamp and clamp the spring pack tight, take out the centering bolt and install the shim- wide end towards the front, to kick the pinion UP.

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