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Re: Reamer

I went through that search a few weeks ago, and here's what I did. My parts house had the specs on the stud for the tie rod end I was using. It was just over 0.50" on the small end, and tapered at the rate of 1.5" per foot. I couldn't find the right reamer at any of my machine tool suppliers, so I had a tool sharpener modify a used end mill to the right size and taper. It cost $45, including the used end mill. It did a perfect job.

The tool has a 3/4" shank, though, so it has to be used in a milling machine or a very large drill press. I don't think it could be used very well as a hand reamer because of the agressive cutting geometry. A tool sharpener could grind the shank down, though.

Since then I have heard, but not verified, that Snap On has a tapered reamer for the purpose. I suspect that the 1.5" per foot taper is pretty much standard for tie rod ends and ball joint studs, with the difference being in the size of the hole.

I hope this helps.


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