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Re: Another EGR valve question...(More info)

When I got tested, I passed with no problems at idle, but when I did the 2500rpm test, my CO (carbon Monoxide?) output was 3 times the allowed limit while my hydrocarbon readings were well under the allowed limit.
The most likely cause for that is running extremely rich.
When I examined my main and secondary jets, I noticed that they had the size ground off of them (I bought the Weber used). That is usually an indication that they have been modified (drilled out). So I decided to go to the local VW shop that carries Webers and start fresh with jets that I could be certain of the size. For my altitude (around 3000ft) the shop recommended a 135 main, 140 secondary and 170-180 air correction jets.
I need to be retested in the next week or so, so I'll be sure to post my results. I'm beginning to think that my EGR valve isn't going to have much effect on the results, and I'm hoping the jets were the problem and will allow me to pass.
I'd be happy to share any other info I've collected in my quest for passing the emissions test, if you have any other questions.
Also, if you do a search on my UserID, you will find multiple posts throughout my history on this board where I'm asking (begging and pleading) for help to pass my test.
Good luck.

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