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Re: Another EGR valve question...(More info)

I took my EGR vavlve off tonight to check it out and I need to see if anyone agrees with my diagnosis.

The diaphragm moves freely when pressed by hand. However, when I plugged the vacuum inlet of the EGR valve and pressed the diaphragm by hand again I noticed no difference. I think there should have been some noticeable resistance trying to push the diaphragm in with the vacuum inlet plugged. That leads me to believe that the seal around the diphragm or diaphragm istself is no longer good and is leaking. If I had a vacuum pump, i could test it for sure, but I don't have one.
I'd like to avoid buying the valve, but I need it to pass my emissions test. Does my diagnosis sound correct, or are there more (better) tests I should perform before I consider this EGR valve bad and buy another one?
Also, how bad would my idle test suffer if I was to block open the EGR valve just for the pourpose of passing the high RPM test (2500rpm) and then return the EGR valve back to it's closed non working condiditon emmidiately after the test?


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