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transfer case & rear end leak

I have a 1970 gladiator buick 350, t18 granny 4 speed on floor with spicer 20 transfer case. It looks like they made the truck with the drain plug for the transfer case above a frame crossmember. Do you have to unbolt the crossmember to change fluid? plus, my case just started to leak fluid from the front driveshaft output (i think). I don't think anything is wrong but seals, but not sure, functions fine and has only 52k miles. truck sat so many years in a corn field in Kansas most rubber is dust. Is dropping out the case and replacing seals a job a "do-it-yourself"er with good basic auto skills can do? (I have the seal kit) Any "suprise" things I should know about? Do you need to drop out the case for this problem?

Also, my rearend (dana 53) started leaking like a faucet from the yoke. Got a yoke seal. Again, anything I should know before attempting to change? Anything besides the seal I need?, should change?

Your advice is GREATLY appreciated, going through 90wt pretty fast.


It is been 2 years since I became a FSJ owner. The truck has gone through 2 duck seasons, 2 dear seasons, 2 turkey seasons and has pulled my boat to many a fishin' hole and always makes it home. Love my truck!

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