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MANY parts 4 sale incl. 1.3, 1.6, Weber, Isky, etc

OK, everyone! First off, not all of these parts are ready for sale. And, I live just south of Toronto, Ontario Canada. The Canadian dollor is pretty low relative to the US, so you could really clean up! I would ship some parts but the engines won't be. It would cost you way too much!

For sale:

Complete, rebuilt 1.3L engine (G13A, from my 88.5 carbed Sammy) with ALL accessories (new oil pump, starter, alternator, fuel pump, water pump). I rebuilt the engine myself (head done by pro shop) approximately 15-20,000 kilometers (? miles) ago, which was in the summer of 2000. Yes, that few kilometers! I have all receipts for all the accessories (bought in summer 2000 as well) but if you want more info, e-mail me.

Complete, rebuilt 1.6L 8-valve (from a 91 TBI Tracker) that I am in the process of breaking in right now! Has less than 2000 kilometers on it now! Once again, did the rebuild myself (head done by pro's) and it has all newly bought accessories (water pump, and alternator). Of course, I have the receipts. E-mail me as there is just to much to say here.

Weber carb that was bought on May 30, 2001. Less than a year ago. I bought it from 4x4 Connection and I have the receipt. It is the style that has it's own reusable air filter and chrome cover. Runs like new, and I'll have the adaptor plates and all bolts, including the instructions. I even still have the box!

Isky torquer cam was bought less than a few months ago, and I have the receipt and box. It will fit both the 1.3 and the 1.6 8-valve. Barely been used as it's in the 1.6L now and has less than 2000 kilometers on it.

Hedman Hedder, that will also fit the 1.3 or 1.6. I bought it at about the same time as the Isky cam. It is painted black and has a provision for an O2 sensor. Also has the fitting for the warm-up pipe from the stock carb.

I also have Trail Tough's 1.6 to 1.3 adaptor kit that was bought a couple months back.

And, low pressure, inline fuel pump (Purolator), Holley fuel pressure regulator, Holley oil pressure switch, and VDO fuel pressure gauge.

Other various parts include: the transmission from the 1.3, all 3 driveshafts, front and rear stock springs, stock radiator, heavy-duty shocks, etc... Right off the bat, I can't remember how many other parts I have. I'll have to go through everything at my shop to take a closer look. I'll throw in a lot of the smaller parts to those who buy some of the larger items.

Now here's the kicker. I won't be selling most of these parts until late April / early May. I just want to keep you guys up to date, and to let those in the market be aware of these items.
If you have any questions, e-mail me at [email protected]
I'm sure I've forgot to list some items here so just ask. As for why I'm selling these barely broken in parts, it's because I've become a power junkie and have lost control of my urges! Actually, I'm looking into swapping in a larger engine and need the $$$ to do so. I know higher CI swaps have been a hot topic lately, so don't hold that against me. For me, it's more of a challenge issue, trying to do the swap, than anything.
Thanks for your time!


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