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Re: Transmission Blues

TX, Be careful with this "repair". I do not think they fixed it. If the regulator boost pressure solenoid was bad, you would not have ANY gears, not like they said of the 3rd and OD. 3rd and OD are the easiest to apply (3rd being direct gear 1:1 and OD being 4th gear <1:1) These are the things that can cause th problem you described (this is out of the tech manual)
1) Valve body - 2-3 shift valve stuck, accumulator valve, 1-2 shift valve, incorrect or misaligned seperator plate gaskets.
2) Incorrect band pin
3) Plugged or missing oriface cup plug for the 3-4 shift accumlator
4) throttle position sensor
5) Brake switch stuck "ON"

the reason I am saying all this is because if what they are saying is true, then every direct cluth would have been smoked, not just a couple and all the steels would be trashed.

With all this be careful.....and get a second opinion when you can.

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