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Re: Thats total SH*T!

Nah, they can't come take it away from you. At the very worst they might could nail you on the registration fee by jacking it up to some outrageous price. I really don't see how this would apply at all.....I would not think that they would be able to take them from salvage yard owners as well. They might be able to get them from banks and leanders, say in the event of a totaled vehicle the insurance pays on, they could have them take it and crush it then maybe, before it gets to another private party. Who knows.....if they do come to take it away.....tell them there is a family horn rimmed, yellow beaked, ring eyed sap suckers living in it and maybe they will leave it alone. Tell them your gonna blow the whistle to all the tree huggers if they touch it. LOL

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