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Re: xr 100 blown engine

Hi - I have fried a couple of those XR topends myself!! I discovered a long time ago (after cookin one) that Honda placed a small plug in the oil line feeding the topend of the small XR's so we could check the oil pressure after changing oil. The plug is located just above the sparkplug and requires a 10 mil socket to remove. I always remove this plug and kick the bike over until oil comes out after changing the oil - this removes any air and lets you know that the top is being properly lubed. Whenever I hear of a fried XR100 topend I always wonder if the top was being lubed properly. If no oil is being pushed out of this hole (if you start the bike with this pug out it will squirt big time!!) there is a oil pump problem CHECK THIS BEFORE YOU RUN IT AFTER YOU REBUILD IT!!! I buy alot of parts from Service Honda in Hammond Indiana, they are usually 30% under retail!!! If you cant find their number repost and I will get it for you.
Good Luck

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