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Re: Holley Jetting? fuel pressure? more info

You might want to jump up to a .030 or .031 discharge nozzle and a hollow screw.

I went up to a .031 nozzle, solid screw and it made it 10x worse. I can barely touch the gas now before it backfires.

Both real cheap at the Holley parts store... Don't buy anything but Holley parts here, there IS a difference...

The idle screws should be backed out until you get the highest manifold vacuum reading on a gauge, then they are adjusted correctly...
One turn out is just a starting place. Make sure when you adjust, you turn BOTH screws...
If one goes in 1/4 turn, then the other should go in 1/4 turn also, always even and always together.

Done, both are 1 1/4 turns out

If you go banging up and down on the dirt or rocks,
Set your float level so the fuel just seeps into the threads of the sight plug hole...
Then back the adjustment down one or two flats on the adjustment nut (the screw is the lock, nut is the adjuster).

It's set exactly that way
* my accerator pedal works fine*

That doesn't tell me if the throttle blades are straight up and down (Perpendicular) when the PEDAL is depressed all the way... You want it all the way open WITHOUT GOING OVER CENTER. Over center is just as much of a plug as not all the way open is...
Don't just pull the linkage back unless you are going to ride on the fender and hold the linkage open...

The butterfly opens to direct up and down with the pedal

*the dist is hooked up to the center front port and the PVC to the rear port.*

PCV is correct, but your distributor is wrong. Plug the front port, and hook your distributor up to the port just above the idle adjustment screw on the metering block. (side away from throttle linkage)

There is no port above the idle adjust, the only other two ports other than the PVC are located on the bottom of the carb. one is front center the other is right center

*And lastly the number stamped on the air horn is 4412-3 *

List 4412-3. Basic 2300, 500 CFM, 122-73 Jets, 125-50 Power Valve, 0.028" Accelerator Pump Discharge Nozzles.... from the factory.
I e-mailed holley and they suggested going to a larger jet. I tried this also, going to a 69 and then a 73 there was no noticable differance with either of them. I am still getting a large pop (enough to stall the engine) when there is a sudden acceleration from idle only. I drove it and when shifting, RPMs up, there is no hesitation. This is just an off the line problem.
Thanks for all you help

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