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Re: OT - Buying new computer??

500mhz and 128megs of ram is plenty if all you want to do is surf the web, especially on a 56k. I personally think gateways are overpriced. My parents have a refurbished dell which is fine for surfing the web. I think it is 600mhz and 512 megs of ram just because I got a deal on ram (ram is dirt cheap now though). I still surf the web on my 233 with about 80 megs of ram. Unless you play games or do other CPU intensive programs (photoshop etc.) you will be fine. There usually seems to be a point where the best value for a speed is that is there is a point where you pay alot more money for not much more speed. Really internet connection speed is the thing that makes using the internet more enjoyable.

David Sanders
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