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Re: What should I do with my Jeep?

Larry is right, fix it as money permits, take your time. See if you can get the $$$ back on the exhaust. I tried a set of in frame headers years back on my '84 and had the same problems. I don't know if you like them or not, but if your set on headers, a set of fenderwell headers and header mufflers will do the trick and probably be more reasonable. The body, sounds like a bigger body lift is the only way to go. Since your this far into it, I see you have a 2000 Cherokee for a daily driver, I wouldn't put the six back in, just more pain and labor down the road. Don't give up on her though...Someone on this board, I believe it was Jaffer.. not sure... committed to working on his Jeep one hour a day. I have a tight, very tight schedule.. so i've been doing the same.. one hour a day, even if it's just cleaning parts, sweeping the floor, you still feel like you did something. Feeling like your going backwards, or never going to get it together is a bad feeling, been there several times. Rick

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