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Re: buying used Jeep - tips?

Buying a YJ, your going to be buying something at least 6-7 years old and older. Take it to a mechanic, have a leakdown test and compression test done. This will help, not gaurantee, but help give an idea of whats left in the life of the engine/current condition of engine. If you have low compression, show high in the leakdown, your looking at spending $$$ in the near future on a engine rebuild or overhual. Check the body, look for signs of repainting/body work, if it was repainted, find out why. It could have been damaged, rusted, who knows. Crawl underneath, check for leaks, valve cover, oil pan, rear main, pinion seals, trans/transfer case leaks. This all ads up to time and a fair amount of effort/$$$. Look at tire wear, new tires is another expense, tie rod, ball joint problems, even brake problems all can lead to tire wear, don't just look at depth of tread, look at wear patterns, cupping, etc. buying used you will run into this, but, taken care of Jeeps or other vehicles are out there! The key... take your time, be patient! Lots of nice vehicles out there, lots of junk also! good luck! Rick

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