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Re: buying used Jeep - tips?

Buying used Jeep - tips?

Don't buy one. I'm not trying to be either flip or cynical (though I am a cynic) but if you have to have a mechanic tell you if the Jeep is reliable enough to drive then you're in for sore disapointment after disapointment.

Unless the Jeep's a poser driven by a very old lady then you'd best consider it a platform that's got lots of bugs...

Half the time you're taking the Jeep to a mechanic that only sees a few a year and knows less then you do about them... and even less as to what make's 'em tick.

IMHO... it's good money after bad in this situtation unless your Dad's willing to work on the Jeep and learn how to make it reliable. Being an old dog myslef, it is possible to teach us...

Oh yep, one other thought...

What happes to us comptuer Geeks who "do favors" for people we know? You're right, you become their 24 hour technical help line and the user never attempts to learn anything about the computer. It's just too easy to ask you and you've come to the rescue every time.

I'd almost be that the same thing will happen with the Jeep. You'll become the dealer/parts guy, the Jeep Guru, the mechanic all wrapped into one. Are you ready for the responsibliity? If not...shy away from helping.

We older folk hate being helped unless we ask... it's downright patronizing but were real good a blaming others for our own mistakes (just like everybody else).

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