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Re: How do big tires stress axles?

Please take note that this I have come up with this conlcusion after drinking a few beers as to remember my mechanics and dynamics courses. As far as axial load would go a wider tire would put less strain on an axle. Think about it this way. There would be less of a strain on the axle because the wider tire would not have as good of traction as the thinner. This is one factor. However I don't believe it to be a large one except for maybe in a side ways sliding motion. And even then in a side ways sliding motion a larger tire would put more torque on an axle which is a stress because there is a larger distance to the center of the shaft opposed to the smaller tire which would have a shorter distance. The only reason a wider tire would make a difference is if it changed the over all weight SIGNIFICANTLY. It makes sense to me, through centrifical force and the idea of torque mostly, that the over all tire size would make the axle a little easier to break. It still has a lot of the weight as the heavier 33 but the length to the outside of the tire is the determining factor, in my opinion.

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