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Re: How do big tires stress axles?

for what you are talking about.. "breaking a d30".. wider is worse.. than taller.. and a very large factor is wieght.. since it is rotating.. per say.. like you said.. you have 33x12.5 on steel rims.. vs 35x12.5 on aluminum rims.. 33's wieghing more than the 35's.. i would say the 33's would kill your axle sooner.. since you are not only spinning that wieght.. but when wheeling.. you are appling torque to said wieght.. which will multiply the torque..
this is just my thoughts.. remember.. i am a Marine.. not a physics major either.. but its how i am currently looking at things..
in the wider department.. it also has alot to do with your backspacing.. is said width out away from the axle.. or is it behind (inboard) of the mounting surface.. this also determines in the torque or leverage on the axle..
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