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How do big tires stress axles?

I've been told that the weight of large tires puts more stress on an axle. Seems reasonable. Does the size of the tire (regardless of weight) add stress to the axle? I'm no physics expert but it seems to me that a wider tire would put more stress, but I'm not sure about taller.

I bought my jeep from a guy who had just finished lifting it, installing 1 piece axles/detroit locker and 35" tires. I didn't want 35" tires with the stock model 30 in front and bought it without the tires. I later put 33" tires and steel rims on the jeep. Before he sold 35" tires to someone else I had a chance to compare them to my 33" tires. The 35's were mounted on aluminum rims and my 33's were on steel rims. The 33"s were heavier than the 35's. If weight were the only issue, the 35's would be easier on the axle than my 33's. It seems to me that a wider (say 14.50") 35" tire would get more leverage on the axle (the edge of the tire is further from the axle)and would there fore put more stress on the axle. But why would a 35/12.50 tire put more stress on an axle than a 33/12.50 tire (assuming the 35" tire/rim combo is lighter)?

My jeep has 4.56 gears and an auto. As a daily driver I think I will either need an overdrive tranny, or bigger tires... The tires are cheaper if I don't have to do the axles and a bunch of other mods


82 CJ-7, dead 258, auto, 33's, 4.56 gears, detroit locker (rear) true trac (front)
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