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Re: High oil pressure on CJ8???

I had the same problem on mine when I first rebuilt it. The FIRST thing to check before you get all crazy is the Oil filter nipple.

1) Take the filter off.

2) There is a large nut holding a retainer plate on (mine was 22mm, but that changes from year to year). Remove the nut and BE CAREFUL.

3) When you pull the retainer plate off, there will be a spring, and a piece of waffle-board/plastic that come out.

4) Make sure that the setup is assembled properly. Sometimes they will get the plastic piece cockeyed or not put one in there at all.

5) I BELIEVE (don't hold me to it, and SOMEBODY double-check me with the FSM, please) the spring/waffleboard should be assembled in the following manner: Waffboard in first into the block, then the spring, then the plate.

If anything is wrong with this assembly, then it could give you the symptoms you described.

Also of note, if he traded his core in on a rebuild, then there is a possibility they have traded the SAE nipple for the oil filter for a METRIC nipple. The symtom exhibited here is that the filter will screw on and tighten as you would expect, but will eventually be blown off the block (making a HELL of a mess).

'83 CJ-7 nothing original but the tub and axle tubes
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