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Update on my CJ8

For those of you that are interested.

I just traded my full hard top for a half hard top today(Thurs.). I am going to clean it up and put the first coat of Herculiner on the interior tomorrow. Also tomorrow I will install the bulkhead.

Yesterday I ordered my front rollcage. I was going to make one out of a Smittybuilt CJ7 kit that I had left over from my old YJ. I went with Rock Hard 4x4(, cuz they were the only ones that made one that fits inside a half camp and you can still use the window cranks. I wasn't comfortable making the connection on the front of the cowl. I am aware that many of you don't like the cowl linked roll cages, but this one has a leg that is behind the dash that extends to the floor. I think it is superior to the other cowl roll cages. I also got the frame tie ins also. I used money from some stuff I sold here, and from my top trade/sale to make this happen.

After the bulkhead is put on, and the top is deemed in good shape. I have to get the top back on, cuz I got to go kill me some of them there deers in them woods. Then I will start painting the cage(it should be here next week) next. And hopefully get it installed within the next 2 weeks.

This weekend I am going to pick up the set of Scout D44's, and start prepping them, as soon as the cage is ready. Or I will make a winch plate and mount the Warn XD9000i in my garage. Decisions, decisions.

I have plenty to keep me busy now that my work on my new house is slowing down. But with deer season in full swing down here I have even more to do. And I have to keep the Jeep driveable to boot. We are taking back over my family ranch(been renting it out, biiig mistake) in March also, so that will take alot of time as well to get things back in order.

Anyone have any spare time I could borrow?


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