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Re: Axle shaft length question

I have a narrow track waggy axle with the passenger side drop.
My actual measurements were 14" 11.5/16 and 33" 3/16.

I also have a wide track Chero/J10 axle with passenger side drop, BOM 603685-6 11 10 87AE.
My actual measurements were 16" 11/16 and 35" 1/4.

I also have 2 wide track Chero/J10 axles with the drivers side drop.
My actual measurements were 17" 11.5/16 and 34" 1/8.

The Chev D44 I have only had the short side axle in it (pass side) and it measured 18" 1/2.

The measurements are the best I could do with a tape measure. Plus or minus 1/16". Somebody like Moser should have actual spec's.
The wide track is 2" wider on both side, but the lengths change when the pumkin switches sides by about an inch.

I think I got these numbers right.

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