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Re: 72 Commando, Axle Doner???

Pretty good bolt in
Front: bolts in but you will want to use your 80 D30 from the knuckles out to retain your disc brakes. The 72D30 knuckles do not have the casting to bolt the 80D30 calipers bracket.
Rear: When you say your running a three speed I thinking manual tranny right? Just be sure both rears are centered or offset, which ever you need to match your transfercase. This is the 30 spline D44 you want. You will have to relocate the spring perches a few inches wider. You can get these at any speed shop and weld them on. One difference is the pinnion length. I think the AMC20 has a longer and therefore closer to the transfercase pinnion. Just an inch or so. Your current driveshaft will work but check it's ability to expand and compress with your suspension. Also most brake parts, shoes, drums, small parts will switch from one rear to the other if they are both 11inch brakes. Since you will be retaining the D44 brake backing plates get the emergency brake lines from the D44 also. Later years are different in the way that they attach to the brake backing plate but can be made to work if the D44s are cut or busted.
That about all the issues I can think of. I sorta did the same thing with 74 axles into my 76

76 CJ5
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